CSforPGH Index

The CSforPGH Index is a collection of tools and resources informed by actual users here in the greater Pittsburgh region. Each item in the index is described in technical and educational detail, along with insights on how these tools work in practice and how they can be used to promote engagement through hands-on activities, real-world learning immersions, and culturally relevant and sustaining instruction.

Curated by members of the CSforPGH Working Group, this Index is designed to help educators and administrators find hardware and software that meets the needs of their students, supports progress towards academic standards, and fits their budgets.

As computer science (CS) is integrated into education programs across the country, school teachers and informal educators are looking for tools and resources that will help them empower students with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in this growing field.

The good news is there is no shortage of tools and resources available, often at low-cost or no-cost to educators. But many of these tools and resources are scattered across the web, and the information available often lacks the perspective of real educators who have put these tools to use.

Use the CSforPGH Index to find tools and resources to support you as you help the next generation learn computer science.

    • Browse a growing collection of more than 60 tools and resources
    • Filter by grade level, standards alignment, cost, and more
    • Read about the tool and watch videos of it in use
    • Follow links to curriculum and lesson plans
    • See ratings and comments from other educators
    • Share feedback based on your experience using the tools
    • Submit new tools and resources to help the index grow

See what educators are saying about the tools in the index...

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